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Nostalgic. Radical. Visionary.

The Millenial k brand identity consists of three words: Nostalgic. Radical. Visionary. We know that fashion represents the world in which we live, yet today the fashion industry is required to do much more. Not only does it represent the world we live in, it represents the world past, as well as the world in which we wish to live. Nostalgia is ever-present within us all, relating back to a time that seemed less complicated. Our imaginations hold dear to the best of an era. Iconic images representing moments that captured the spirit of a generation are remembered forever. We respect the past and the lessons it holds yet we also crave constant change. The rapid transformation of the global economy and culture has left us sentimental toward the past yet simultaneously excited about future advancements. A radical stance has been taken by many organisations today in creating change, and in giving back to those in need. At Millenial k philanthropy is at the core of our brand mission and vision. The visionary aspect of our brand represents our dreams for the future. It is reflected in the exquisite beauty of our garments, our anticipation of future consumer needs and our excellent customer service. Functional fibres of the highest quality are what we aspire to with the development of our brand. The future for Millenial k is the utilisation of these fabrics throughout our collections to prepare us for whatever extremes the environment may hand us into the future.