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A Social Enterprise.

At Millenial k we use our success on all fronts as a platform for our philanthropic contributions to community organisations for those in need. Our aesthetic, quality and client service are our brands' number one priority as our philanthropic endeavours rely on our business success. It might surprise you to know that there are more slaves in the world today than ever before in human history. Innocence and freedom are what every human being and especially every child  should have, so to have them taken away is truly inhumane. This year being our first year in operation Millenial k will be supporting A21 human trafficking/slavery abolitionists and Bravehearts child sexual abuse protection agency. We'll keep our like minded customers posted on events you can join with us in supporting throughout the year. As humans we seek beauty, love, truth and purpose not only for ourselves but also for others, and this is our vision: to encourage and give hope to those in need and to redefine beauty to mean more than our exterior. Our clients and associates are those who also align with our vision. Our spiritual backbone enables us to achieve this. As the fashion industry moves toward this future, we envision more philanthropic efforts being combined within the fashion industry. Thank you for your support of Millenial k.